Proud Lake

Quality longhaired dachshunds

I breed primarily for myself; for my next generation of show dogs, and to preserve a bloodline of quality dachshunds.  In every litter, there are inevitably puppies that are not suitable for the show ring or whelping box, though they make for wonderful and healthy companions.  Generally, my litters are evaluated at eight and twelve weeks for conformation (the physical traits that make a dog conform to the ideal as written in the breed standard), temperament, and movement.  Once evaluation is complete, any puppies that will not be staying here will be released to the homes most appropriate for their individual temperament and personality.  

Miniature dachshunds are a small breed.  As such, puppies will not be released to their new homes until ten weeks at a minimum (and most will stay until twelve week evals are complete).  I reserve the right to keep any individual puppy for longer if I feel it necessary for their health or well-being.  I raise my puppies using Jane Killion's "Puppy Culture" program.  You can read more about that on the Puppy Culture page, or use the link below to purchase the DVD set for yourself.

Quality dachshund puppies destined for family homes typically range between $900 to $1800. 


Calypso is being retired, and will be available to a companion home once she is spayed.  

Edge may be available on terms.  Looking for a home that is within approx. 1 hour of Milford, MI, and is willing to keep him intact (not neutered) and possibly have him shown and bred at my cost.  Please contact me for details.

My next litter (Nyx) is expected to be bred in April/May of 2021 for puppies due in June/July, ready to go home Sept/Oct.  
Nyx will be bred to miniature males for small standards, estimated in the 15-20 pound range.

Please contact me at for general questions.

PUPPY APPLICATION: Link  (Please note that if you submit an application while I have no puppies, you will not hear back until puppies are expected.)